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Automated 3D Measurement

Downland employ the latest technology to achieve the highest precision. Leica's TS30 enables us to measure to sub-second and sub-millimeter accuracies. On-board programs allow multiple 3D measurements to be taken very quickly with automated target recognition and silent motorised drives.


Precise Levelling

Bar code reading levels return sub-millimetre level measurements to monitor for vertical movements of various different structures. High absolute accuracies are achieved by taking datum measurements from remote stable locations.


Laser Surface Deformation Monitoring

Surface models derived from laser scan pointcloud information can be compared to either design models or historic data to produce colour or contour drawings highlighting deformation.


Automated Monitoring

Downland offer a wide range of movement measurement techniques including strain gauges, tilt meters and permanent fully automated robotic devices for measurement of movement on a regular basis.


Photogrammetric Monitoring

Close range photography enables the measuring and modelling of vulnerable surfaces. This can back up other automated sytems as well providing a record of the condition over time.